Android AutoRadioTABLETCAFE.DK is owned by Danish ServiceLabs.dk Design Agency who consults about using Tablets and Smartphones for digital business.

We sell high-quality products since we have specific needs for great Android products to our sales people and cars. 

Contact us if you have any questions about product usage, installation, product customization, delivery, logistics, shipping, payment - or just more detailed product specifications...

Product categories: Android Smartphones and Tablets accessories for cars, trucks and homes * Android Autoradio DVD in DIN1 or DIN2 size * Windows Autoradio DVD in DIN1 size * Headrests with DVD player and monitor for HDMI input from mobile phones * Ceiling-mounted DVD player and monitor with HDMI input from mobile phone * Google Android Smartphone and Tablet accessories.

Company Apps: We also develop mobile company apps for salespeople, so you can always appear professional when your employees are out in the field to service customers. Our latest electric bikes, electric scooters and electric cars bring employees or customers safely to the door. In addition, we can set up mini-houses for sellers, workers, customers and citizens in Denmark. If you already have any reason, contact us immediately.

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Terms of Sales

The following terms and conditions apply to all deliveries from TABLETCAFE. 
Conditions apply where there is no other written agreement with the buyer.

Payment & shipping prices
In the shop you can pay with PayPal, VISA or MasterCard, plus other credit cards. All prices on the web address TABLETCAFE incl. VAT, but excl. shipping.

Shipment cost to foreign countries are calculated automatically. Deliveries from outside of Europe to Europe the delivery time can be 1 - 2 months. We deliver mainly to Scandinavia and rest of Europe by PostNord. For Greenland and the Faroe Islands delivery is also done via PostNord, "Carry On" - or airmail rates.

Manuals & product description
Where there are product descriptions and manuals for the product follows these with the actual delivery of TABLETCAFE. Manuals are typically in English. Any advice given from our side is always intended as simple guide to our products.

Terms of Delivery

Delivery time & place
All orders are shipped by us or our partners, unless otherwise separately agreed between the buyer and TABLETCAFE. This means we generally sent shortly message after receiving an order, subject to availability and delivery. Delivery of TABLETCAFE items considered done when the customer has received the goods delivered on customer address or for collection at a post office. Delivery to the buyer's address in Denmark will usually happen within 3-5 days. Deliver from outside of Europe can take 1-2 months. Delivery time is always indicative and can always be requested in writing - or by calling us on: +45 20 22 22 30.

Risk of goods
Risk of goods ordered in our shop passes to the buyer when the 14 days withdrawal period from the receipt of goods has expired. If the item is damaged or impaired after the buyer has received the item, he retains the right to return product if the damage or reduction is not due to negligence or lack of care on his part. Remember to save the original packaging, as the product when possible by any complaints or injuries must be returned in original packaging.

Terms of Service

Any errors or defects in products / goods delivered TABLETCAFE must be reported within two months after you discovered the error. It is your duty to set and upon request, show how the error manifests itself. If you find an error, please contact TABLETCAFE. You can generally only complain about defects that become apparent within two years after you received the goods. For products with limited shelf life, your remedy bounded by the shelf life TABLETCAFE has promised you. You can choose as a consumer of goods to be repaired or replaced. The exception to this rule is if the replacement is impossible or would involve disproportionate costs for TABLETCAFE.

TABLETCAFE offer a 14 day return, valid from the day you receive the product. If you regret your purchase, we must be notified within 14 days after the day you received the goods supplied. You are required to return the item in the same condition and quantity as it is received. This is also valid for the packaging and info signs that are on the product.You will bear the costs associated with returning the product. You can also cancel a purchase by either refusing to accept it, by transferring the product to the post office, or by returning the product to our company's address. Please ask which address to ship to.